Exercises with impairment goggles

 For your most effective program, participants should have the opportunity to perform at least five tasks while “sober” and then be asked to repeat the same tasks in the same order while “impaired” wearing the goggles.

The more time spent with each participant, the more effective your program. You must convince them that impairment can lead to serious injuries or death for themselves, friends, family members, or innocent victims. Stress to participants that the goggles only simulate visual impairment, and that when one is actually impaired, there are other consequences as well. In a small classroom setting, time may allow for everyone to wear the goggles. With a larger audience, use one volunteer for demonstration purposes. 

Press in nails

clavos¡A very fun exercise! On a board put online nails, nail them in two or three shot, try! you will see that it is not very easy, do not forget to wear gloves in case !!!




Standardized field sobriety tests

caminando por la lineaThe first test you should use with every participant is Walk The Line. Place a ten-foot line on the floor with masking or duct tape. Ask the participant to take nine steps, in a straight line, walking heel to toe with their hands at their sides, turn, and walk nine steps back, counting the steps out loud as they walk.

The second test is the One Legged Stand. With their hands at their sides, have them lift one foot six inches off the floor, parallel to the ground. Looking at the extended foot, have the participant count out loud “one thousand one, one thousand two, etc…” until they have held the foot out for 30 seconds. When sober, just like any driver, they should perform these tests perfectly. When wearing the goggles, like a drunk driver, they will flunk both of these tests.


Lift one foot and keep the balance

lanzado de balones

With goggles and arms sideways participants must lift its foot about 15 cm and count aloud from 1001, 1002, 1003 ... for 30 seconds.




Throwing balls

lanzado de balonesSome balloons arranged on the ground about 5 meters from a shopping cart or basket ball, throw the ball inside, repeat the operation. You can also follow a line and try to direct the ball with the feet.





Driving course, drive a toy car

conducir un cohecito

On a flat, paved parking lot with no obstructions, set up a course using traffic safety cones, and use a Pedal Kart. Have participants drive the course sober the first time and then impaired with the goggles. After they drive the course impaired, put then through Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

Setup a simple course and use a remote controlled toy car or a four Wheel toy.Keep track of the time it takes to drive the course vs. Impaired.



Put the pencils in a glass

lapicesPut a glass on a table, with the one meter from the edge of it. . Put 5 to 20 cm of pencils table edge and leave a 10cm gap between chacuns.
Sit facing the table, take pencils, and insert them one by one into the glass.





Other ideas...

-Find a specific telephone number in a phone book, call a friend on a cell phone, unlock a lock, walk to a car in a parking lot, use a computer keyboard to type several sentences onto the screen (time them and compare the number of errors), or ride as a passenger in a car and try to read traffic and street signs.

-Place a coins on the floor, have the participant wearing Alcovista goggle attempt to pick up the coins


Sex under the influence


Unsafe sex can result in terrible consequences. Have participants try to place a condom on a “penis model”. If they are too “drunk” to properly place the condom over the penis & are unable to adequately protect themselves from risky sex, this may result in a sexual transmitted disease or an unplanned pregnancy!