Alcohol effects


Between 0.3 and 0.5 g/l in the blood

Euphoria:  the driver takes unusual risks, weak modification of the vision, the angle of view shrinks.

Between 0.5 and 0.8 g/l in the blood

Reaction time is more important. The angle of view shrinks again, and the driver has difficulties to make out road signs and pedestrians who want to cross perpendiculars roads.

From 0.8 g/l in the blood

It’s very hard for the driver to take good decisions and to fit his driving to circumstances. At this level, coordination and synchronization of movements become uncontrollable.

Fatal accident risk increased by:

2 with 0.5 gr/l in the blood- 10 with 0.8 gr/l- 35 with 1.2 gr/l- 80 with 2gr/l

Why women don’t abide alcohol as well as men?

The ethanol, which is a molecule responsible of drunkenness, spread more easily in “thin tissues” (liver and muscles), which contain a lot of water. More these tissues take in important place in the body in connection with fat, more the alcohol is diluted and the less we feel alcohol effects. The result is that the capacity to abide alcohol is not directly connected with the weight, but in connection with body mass and body fat, that’s why men are favoured…