ALCOSIMULATOR is a pedagogical and practical program that allows advance but also at the time or during awareness workshops on alcohol calculate your BAC depending on alcohol consumption anticipate, control this consumption and thus take appropriate decisions as a result to understand the phenomenon of alcohol.

ALCOSIMULATOR you can simulate all the parameters that influence alcohol as sex, weight, age, height, the drinks and meals.

Easy to use ALCOSIMULATOR follows the evolution of alcohol in the blood from the first cup to eliminate completely, it lets compare two situations and different people. The curve is interactive with the mouse.

ALCOSIMULATOR is customizable with your logo and your own comments or courses to aid in their workshops or lectures.

Although this measurement program conducted with the utmost care, it can not replace your judgment, can not decide in place, but it can help you make your decision.

ALCOSIMULATOR is recorded on a flash drive, it is a single license and can not be doubled. It can be opened on any PC or MAC as the purchased version.

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