• walk along a line

    It's not easy to put his foot on the line keeping its stability Read More
  • lift the leg and maintain balance

    Not so simple as it seems.. Read More
  • Skill and dexterity

    When the simple use of a screwdriver turns into a nightmare Read More
  • Follow a course of cones

    Using a bicycle, tricycle, cart, without spilling some cones Read More
  • Appreciation of distances

    And yet it seems so close! Read More
  • Accuracy and gesture dosage

    How many I can hammer nails into 2 or 3 shots ...? Read More
  • Vision disorders

    A real "drunken night" Read More
  • Tunneling, poor side vision

    Side vision narrows and is blurred, the danger is invisible side Read More
  • exercises with games

    How many goals they stick! not worthy of a footballer like you Read More
  • Follow the curves without confusing the colors

    What is the line that I have to follow .. the white or red? Read More
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Not so simple as it seems..

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